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Craft Market Tips & Tricks - Part 2

Craft Market Tips & Tricks - Part 2

How to be a good stall neighbour:

  • Say hi!! Introduce yourself. No one needs your life story at 8.30am in the morning, but just a friendly "Morning, I'm Jane" should suffice
  • Are you running off to grab a quick coffee or get something to eat? Ask your neighbour if they'd like something too
  • If you're sharing your stall - DON'T BE LATE - even if you're sharing with someone you know
  • Don't be too pedantic about space. Yes we've all paid for our individual spaces but if your neighbour needs a few extra cm's of space that you don't, then let them have that extra space.

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Craft Market Tips & Tricks - Part 1

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I've split this post into three parts (as you can tell I tend to write alot!) to make it easier to digest. Parts two and three will follow next week

Right onto the tips!


I get asked this question a lot and the reality is quite a few of the events I've found by just simply googling "craft markets in **insert your city here**" or "African events in London" etc and going about 10 pages deep down looking through the events that the search brought up. If like me, you're a black owned business, then the kinds of events that you're looking for may not necessarily be the ones brought up. In this case I run to Instagram and Twitter and look at the types of events that the people I'm following are going to.

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