DorcasCreates Founder Dorcas Magbadelo wearing a White Dress at Who's Next Paris 2018 photographed by Maud Caillet

DorcasCreates is a UK based illustration brand that creates uplifting and bold products that center and celebrate Black women, including greeting cards, art prints and jewellery. 

Each DorcasCreates piece is vibrant and colourful; capturing Black womanhood and Black girl joy. 

Dorcas Magbadelo is the artist behind DorcasCreates - largely self taught; Dorcas uses bold colours and patterns, taking many elements from her Nigerian heritage to create powerful and striking illustrations. 

We hope you leave here feeling inspired, happy and joyful 

When she's not running DorcasCreates you'll usually find Dorcas in bed with an Octavia Butler novel, on the hunt for the yummiest pastries or screaming off-key at a concert